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Here you will find helpful information in regard to buying and selling real estate property in Eldorado, Texas and Scheicher County, Texas. Eldorado offers local options for all aspects of buying and selling, including Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Companies, and Abstract / Title Companies and Insurance.

Eldorado Insurance Companies

Lynn Meador Real Estate does not sell insurance. We highly suggest you contact a professional of your choice for advice. We can give you names of a few great agents in Eldorado, Texas if you are new to the area. Homeowners insurance will give the financial protection needed to bring you and your family back to your current standard of living as fast as possible after a disaster or emergency. It is also important to get protection against liability for accidents that result in injury of other people or damage to their property. Commercial insurance provides your business with the security of financial protection against risk for physical assets including stocks, buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings, plants and all other contents. .

Mittel Insurance

  • Connie Andrews, Owner/Agent
  • 119 SW Main Street, Eldorado, Texas 76936

Germania Farm Mutual Insurance

  • Phyllis Sauer, Agent
  • 5 West Gillis, Eldorado, Texas 76936

Eldorado Title Companies

Title insurance protects you and the lender if someone challenges your title to your property because of title defects that were unknown when you bought the policy. Most lending institutions will not loan money to purchase a home or other property unless you buy a "mortgagee" title policy. This policy protects the lender's investment by paying the mortgage (loan amount) if a title defect voids your title. When you buy a home, the Title Company also issues an owners policy, unless you object in writing. The owners title policy protects you against the covered risks set out in the policy.

Schleicher County Title and Abstract Company

  • Kriss Griffin, Owner/Manager
  • Clint Griffin, Attorney
  • 107 SW Main Street, Eldorado, Texas 76936

Lone Star Title

  • Brandi Lemons, Escrow Officer
  • 208 SW Main Street, Eldorado, Texas 76936

Eldorado Mortgage Companies

The following local companies can assit you with your mortgage and answer mortgage questions.

First National Bank of Eldorado

1st Community Federal Credit Union

Mortgage Calculator