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Serving the Eldorado Area for Over 45 Years

Serving the real estate needs of residents of Eldorado and Schleicher County, Texas for over 45 years. For Real Estate in Eldorado, Texas contact Lynn Meador Real Estate at 325-853-2808. We have homes, land, ranches, residential, commercial, and properties of all kinds. Come to our location at 5 S. Divide Street in Eldorado or contact us by email. We are an experienced, local Eldorado Broker with a mission to help our clients. Whether you are buying or selling, we can help. To request a showing or to list your property, please contact us today.

Real Estate sales and the overall economic activity for this location is driven by the oil and gas industry which has been very active for the past eight to ten years. On any given year residential sales will average 17 sales per year for my agency. Values are stable and have increased 15-20% over the last five years. Supply is low and demand is stable. The residential market is not overpriced. Our general area has not yet been affected by the economic slowdown that other areas of the Country have experienced at this time but change appears to be occurring within the energy business that will affect our market.

With the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry, down-turns will occasionally occur, and Schleicher County and Eldorado have experienced that situation in the last two years. However, trends usually reverse, and as population trends show movement from the metroplex areas of the state to less populated locations, the potential for local economic stability and growth are present.

Lynn Meador

Lynn Meador is a licensed Texas real estate broker who has been active in the real estate business for over 45 years. His business, Lynn Meador & Company Real Estate, is focused primarily on residential and commercial real estate in the city of Eldorado, Texas. Lynn is the only active real estate broker/agent in town.

In addition to the real estate business, Lynn owned and operated a title insurance company from 1973 to 1998, handling all aspects of the title insurance business including title examination, closing, and related escrow officer activities. Through the years he has been involved in general real estate marketing and sales with residential, commercial and ranch and rural properties. He has also worked closely with nationwide retail firms that have located in Eldorado (Dollar General, Subway) and residential relocation service companies.

Lynn's area of activity is limited to Eldorado, Texas and Schleicher County, Texas. He serves on the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Eldorado and is the manager of his family ranch operation, X Bar Ranch and X Bar Ranch Nature Retreat, which involves livestock production and nature tourism.

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Jo Ward

Jo Ward is a local real estate agent active in residential, commercial, and ranch and rural land sales. Jo has worked with Lynn Meador & Company Real Estate for over 35 years and has been a licensed real estate agent for over 40 years. Her experience includes selling real estate in Eldorado and San Angelo markets, as well as land title experience, real estate sales and marketing, and the ability to recognize the needs of both parties during a transaction. Together, these skills allow Jo to develop fair and workable solutions that put both the buyer and seller at ease. Jo is ready to help with any aspect of your real estate needs and may be contacted directly at (325) 853-2339 or at the real estate office number, (325) 853-2808.

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Carla Bradley

Carla Bradley is a local licensed real estate agent who acquired her salesperson license in July 2019. Her previous background includes the ranching industry, HUD housing management and the oil and gas industry. Carla is eager to start this new venture into the real estate business and is ready to help with any aspect of your real estate needs. She may be contacted directly at (325) 226-5560 or at the real estate office number, (325) 853-2808.

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